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Shipwrecks of Truk Lagoon


Dive into history and explore some of the world's most renown shipwrecks. Often referred to as the "Finest wreck diving in the world", Truk Lagoon boasts of an assortment of approximately forty-one exotic shipwrecks. This video provides an overview of the vessels and aircraft listed below. Also contains some archival black&white footage from the original attack. A helpful guide for those who contemplate diving in Truk, or who have already visited Truk. DVD run time approx. 63minutes Color/B&W.Available in NTSC format.

Fujikawa Maru               Hoki Maru
Unkai Maru                    Yamagiri Maru
Gosei Maru                    Rio De Janeiro Maru
Sankisan Maru               I-169 Submarine
Nippo Maru                   Betty Bomber
Kensho Maru                 A6M Zero Fighter

Shinkoku Maru

Run Time: 63min

$19.95 + Shipping ($4.95)

Video by. Matt Klos Video Productions


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